Ask for a price

Ask for a price

What you should know before asking a question about the price of kitchen furniture?

Think of the purchase of furniture as the purchase of a new car – when you want to buy a car it is not enough to choose its colour, isn’t it? In fact, its colour can be the last thing which will be of importance buying it. What kind of questions you ask yourself when you want to buy a car – to have extras such as electric windows, mirrors, seats, etc. the type of fuel, to be economic, to have servo steering, sunroof, if it is safe, if you need a big boot or you just want a city car which to take you to your office and back. These are important questions when you buy a car.

You should ask yourself similar questions when you buy kitchen furniture. That’s why if you go to a showroom and like the appearance of kitchen furniture and ask: How much? And the shop assistant replies ‘2,000 leva’, you will receive information on a price which either will suit you or not but probably you won’t receive information on the elements of the kitchen furniture to cost so much or if other piece exactly matches your needs.

It’s good to know that two pieces of kitchen furniture which are alike can have a difference in their price up to about 1,000 leva (even more) because of the mechanisms and materials which were used to assemble them. This is so for the extras which some mechanisms offer, for instance for silent and noiseless close, for smooth drawers opening and pull and other conveniences but which make the kitchen furniture more expensive. That’s why before the shop assistants give you the price of a design of kitchen furniture, it is important for them to know what you are looking for and what you need so that they can have that in mind to calculate a price on the grounds of your needs. That’s why before you go shopping you’d better answer the question: What kind of furniture I need in my kitchen?

The price formation per linear metre is not a good idea for a kitchen because it means that the mechanisms and interior of the furniture are not priority for the manufacturer and most probably they use materials of different companies with unclear origin.

Behind the surface of the kitchen furniture there may be different types of mechanisms, levels of equipment and also from different price ranges. The manufacturers of furniture mechanisms and finishes continue surprising the market with newer and more interesting offers.

PREGO offers mechanisms which guarantee smooth motion through the whole life of use and which lead to the complete opening of the drawers thus making it possible for a full access to the back of the drawer, and it is very important for the kitchen, isn’t it? You can also order kitchen furniture in which the doors open with a touch. It is so easy and convenient. There are mechanisms which sustain great pressure and you shouldn’t worry if your drawer will sustain another pan or it will sag very soon. These mechanisms have longer lifespan and give guarantee for years in a row. We hope that you have come to the conclusion that before asking about the price, you should be certain if the design of kitchen furniture matches your needs.

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