About us

About us


Our main goal is to create spaces which express the individuality of our clients. We want to build for you an elegant world which will stand the test of time and will improve your quality of life. Being an enterprise, we strive for perfection in the manufacture of quality, original and exquisite furniture. Our clients are important for us as we try to understand the needs of every person completely and suggest the combinations covering the strictest requirements regarding quality, design, individuality and taste. Thus we achieve our main goal, namely – PREGO furniture to be a leading brand of high quality furniture on the Bulgarian market because the care for the client always pays back...


Adequately attending to every need of our Clients and meeting their expectations for quality and luxury of the products and services we offer, we always: Improve our distribution network in such a way that our Clients always be competently and professionally served; Choose precisely all materials used for the manufacturing of our products; Use materials which are unique for the Bulgarian market. Our policy is to offer the newest and quality materials offered on the world furniture market. Our ambition is to provide our Clients with the latest and modern solutions straight from the workshop of the furniture manufacturer; State-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel.


To achieve the goals is only possible when we keep to the values which we have determined to be life-important and significant for our development. Taking into account the fact that the care for the client always pays back the most important is: The needs and wishes of the Client which are the engine of our enterprise;
The transparency in our business with Clients and Partners;
The correct and loyal attitude which is always appreciated and recompensed;
The enthusiasm and optimism in our everyday work – we believe, encourage and invest in innovative ideas and solutions.

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