Revolutionary technology 2 in 1

Revolutionary technology 2 in 1


The secret lies in a new generation of air absorbers, which use the speed of the air flow and suck in the steam directly from where it is created – the cooking board. Thus combining an air absorber with a cooking board means entirely rethinking the concept of ergonomics and efficiency in the kitchen.

It does not matter whether the food is prepared in a pan, pot or on a grill, the revolutionary system catches all steam and smell from the start and preserves fresh the air in the kitchen while cooking. Although it looks like magic, this technology actually applies the basic principles of the fluid mechanics, using the crossing of the steam flows.

With this built-in system the users are free from the limitations of the conventional exhaust hoods.

With no cupboards and edges at the height of your heads, there is no need to bend while you cook anymore.

No steam flowing in the whole kitchen or condensation – only clear visibility.

No annoying noise – the complex technology is with a built-in sound isolation system. Even if it is turned on a full capacity, the absorber is quieter than the hissing of your chop.

You can now freely enjoy your culinary adventures in the kitchen!

You can see for yourself the advantages of PREGO kitchens and BORA absorbers if you visit PREGO Showroom Sofia.

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